About Sunwise

Light is Magic

The quality of the light in our lives is the measure of the quality of our lives


Wayne Elkin, Managing Director

Sunwise exist to make “light magic” happen in your home, blending the unique attributes of glass with the lifestyle benefits of bringing the outdoors indoor. We blend design artistry with practical experience, steely discipline and an eye for detail to create the right solution and deliver it on time and within your agreed budget.

We’ve done it more than a thousand times already so you know we can do it for you.

For decades we have steeped ourselves in the history, purposes, design and applications of all types of glass, the full gamut of glass structures and the ideal materials for every situation. You don’t need to know all that we know in order to achieve a perfect outcome, but it’s probably satisfying to be dealing with experts in their craft who can address every question and suggest subtle improvements you might not have considered before.

The Sunwise team is well trained and specialised in the design, engineering and constructions of glass lifestyle solutions. Sunwise principal, Wayne Elkin, learned his craft in Sydney and now presides over a professional team of the highest calibre. ‘I would be happy to match my team with any team in Australia and in fact any team anywhere’, says Wayne.

He began designing houses as a hobby when he was eight years old but actually earned his way through high school from the age of 15, designing and working on conservatories, sunrooms and even commercial structures for his employer. Eventually he made glass his lifetime profession and glass landscapes his passion.

‘I love light’, says Wayne. ‘I grew up in the northern beach suburbs of Sydney, enjoying spectacular coastal views. With that kind of early inspiration and with my natural affinity for design, it seemed to me only natural that I would devote my creative energies to creating physical landscapes in homes and buildings intended to enhance lifestyle and access to natural light.’

‘I grew up thinking I could change the world, at least a bit,’ he says, ‘and you know what— I can, I do. One family and one project at a time’.

Sunwise has done many commercial projects over the years but specialises in residential improvements. Why? ‘Because I believe in families and that my work—our work—can have the most impact in family settings. Time after time we’ve had people tell us afterwards that the new glass landscape has made simple and even major differences in where their family congregates, often increasing the amount of time they spend together and the quality of the communication. We like to get paid for our work but no amount of money can substitute for that kinds of feedback. A famous leader once said something like, “the best life has to offer is the chance to work hard and work worth doing”. We believe it, that’s exactly how we think, exactly what we do.’

The Sunwise design and production team has experienced every kind of project and budget range. There is always a balance between function, aesthetics and budget. Even where there are serious budget constraints the outcome can still be perfect. ‘After all, we are combining expert craftsmanship, natural light and beautiful glass. Not a bad recipe for success’, says Wayne.

Contact Sunwise Constructions for your conservatory, pool enclosures, sunroom, alfresco, mechanical or fixed glass roofs, floor, window, or vision wall or door.

Remember, if you can image it, we can build it. Or we can imagine it for you and then build it.