Glass Roofing

Glazed roofing offers the ultimate in versatility and style, providing seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor living.

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Mechanical Glass Roofs, Floors and Windows

Larger glass panels in roofs, windows and floors, or harder to reach glass panels, benefit from the installation of mechanical lifting or sliding devices. Inventors and manufacturers around the world, enamoured with the practical and aesthetic benefits of glass structures, have developed a huge variety of ready-made devices to bear virtually any weight and deliver any function.

In recent years, shifting devices and fixings designed especially for glass applications have been one of the most exciting developments in our field—making solutions that were once the province of large commercial, industrial, sporting or office complexes available to the home improvement sector. 

Hence the range of possible designs is almost exponentially increased. For those who love being outdoors but prefer not to be subject to Melbourne’s famous weather, a retractable roof over the entertainment area or pool is a perfect solution.

Fixed Roofs, Floors and Windows

Often the structural and aesthetic function requires fixed glass elements. There is no hard and fast rule but typically smaller fixed glass panels echo heritage or tradition. Larger panels evoke modern or futurist styles. The existing shape and design of the house is the key influence of our design recommendations. However, we find that across Australia there is a pervasive sameness and lack of creativity to the majority of the glass built projects.

We are deeply concerned by a tendency to apply factory templates where they really don’t belong. Whereas, there really is no practical limit on what we can help you achieve with glass.