Our Services

Light is Magic

The quality of the light in our lives is the measure of the quality of our lives

Sunwise exists to make “light magic” happen in your home, blending the unique attributes of glass with the lifestyle benefits of bringing the outdoors indoor. We blend design artistry with practical experience, steely discipline and an eye for detail to create the right solution and deliver it on time and within your agreed budget. We’ve done it more than a thousand times already so you know we can do it for you.


Create your own piece of tradition, a haven of luxury, with a Sunwise Constructions conservatory. A modern well of light and space, enabling a seamless transition from indoor to outdoor living.

Sliding & Sukkah Roof Windows

More than just an opening roof window or a sliding glass roof, our innovative design, using either electricity or the power of water, means that whether your room is open or closed to the elements it is always perfect for any requirement.

Pool Enclosures

Swim year round and increase your leisure time with a Sunwise Constructions pool enclosure. Whether it’s glass, screening, or polycarbonate, a pool enclosure is guaranteed to reduce pool maintenance and associated costs — meaning more family fun time in the pool!

Glass Roofing

Glazed roofing offers the ultimate in versatility and style, providing seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor living.

Sunrooms & Alfrescos

Open up your home with light and space, entertain comfortably on the hottest day or chilliest night.

Glass Features

Bring more light into your home with a glass awning or atrium, or perhaps even a glass floor. You might be surprised with how we can help you take advantage of light!